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Hi, I'm Rachel Reinert - artist, illustrator, author and educator living in San Diego, CA. I am the author of two published coloring books, Botanical Wonderland and Desert Wonderland, and a third instructional how-to book Color Workshop. I created this course to put all of the expert coloring trips, tricks and knowledge I have in one place, based on the questions I've received over the years!


The Coloring Master Class is broken down into learning modules. Each module will include several lessons with videos and slides, and most are less than 15 minutes long. Some modules include printable practice worksheets.

MODULE 1: Introduction and Tools

This is the introductory module, covering the breakdown of the class structure and what you’ll learn! I’ll go over a little bit about my background as an artist, how coloring will impact more than your creativity, and go over the tools and materials we’ll use. You’ll learn which brands to use and what not to use. I’ll also discuss the layout of the course and how to navigate around to access all of the resources to best suit your learning experience!


MODULE 2: Color Theory

 Learning how to arrange and pair colors is vital in creating a cohesive coloring. You’ll learn how colors affect mood and how to use the color wheel to choose dynamic color schemes. At the end of the lesson you’ll be able to name and use all of the color harmonies and understand how they interact. Expert colorist examples with critiques are included. You’ll learn how to use tints, tones, and shades and be confident in pairing your own colors. You’ll be able to apply this knowledge to your own art to create successful and eye catching compositions.


MODULE 3: Basic Colored Pencil Techniques


This is the colored pencils 101 class, and the foundation we’ll build upon in this entire course. You’ll learn how to hold and sharpen a pencil correctly and understand the different uses of oil and wax pencils. This module covers the 5 basic strokes, with examples of each one and when to use them. We’ll go over the basic blending tools, as well as layering and burnishing. You’ll also understand how to use the 5 blending and shading techniques: dark edges, light edges, gradients, using light and shadow, and embellishing. Practice worksheets included to color along.


MODULE 4: Advanced Colored Pencil Techniques: Blending & Shading


This module will go in depth into advanced blending and shading techniques. The lessons focus on how to make objects look shiny, how to add detail with embellishments such as water droplets or star dust, how to make an emphasis/focal point, how to color flowers and plants, and how to tackle coloring skin and hair. The example videos are sped up to show the process from start to finish, or are slowed down to show each particular technique.


MODULE 5: Advanced Colored Pencil Techniques: Backgrounds


Module 5 introduces four different ways to color backgrounds to complete a coloring. You’ll learn how to create a gradient, the best way to color a black background with a starry sky, how to make the background pop by using shadows, and how to create a “glow”.


MODULE 6: Markers


Switching over to different coloring mediums, we’ll go over the different types and purposes of markers and how to use them. You’ll learn about water based vs. alcohol based, which paper is best, and how to reduce streaks. You’ll learn how to blend markers 4 ways with step by step how to’s.


MODULE 7: Water Soluble Tools


This module covers watercolors, watercolor pencils, and water soluble ink pencils. We’ll focus on controlling water to create painterly effects in your art. It will include demos on the different brushes to use, as well as step by step instructions on how to color with water soluble materials. You’ll learn how to paint beautiful crystals and other coloring pages.  


MODULE 8: Gel pens & Mixed Media


You’ll learn how to combine several mixed media coloring materials to add depth and style to your art in this module. This module shows you how to “paint” with gel pens, combining pastels with colored pencils, and using markers with colored pencils. You’ll learn how to color a woodland nymph with colored pencils and markers, and much more.


MODULE 9: Developing Your Own Drawings


Have you ever wondered how to turn your doodles into works of art? This module will discuss the creative process into doing just that. This covers the process from start to finish - with finding and developing your style, which drawing materials to use, how to scan and transfer them to be used as gifts or for sale.


BONUS VIDEOS: Will be added throughout the class based on questions asked



- Exclusive printable coloring pages illustrated by Rachel (found nowhere else)

- Coloring Masters Community Forum - Rachel's Facebook group for coloring questions and critiques

- Contests - TBA

- Expert colorist interviews included